1. TALK - Talk to your child about bullying and harassment. Make sure they know what it is and that no one deserves for it to happen to them.

2. LOOK FOR CHANGES - Often times, when a child is being bullied or harassed, they will battle with depression or will make excuses not to go to school. They pretend to be sick or will be extremely irritable when it’s time to go to school. Look for grades dropping at school and hesitation talking about school in general.

3. MONITOR - Be aware of social media sites online your child may visit. Make sure you have their passwords and monitor them often. You are your child’s best protector. A child may tell you they need privacy and don’t want to give you their passwords. You are the parent and the one that is in charge! Structure means love, and it is your job as a parent to keep your children safe. More and more bullying takes place online, and monitoring these sites often helps you defend your child. If you find evidence of online bulling, print a copy of the web page, write down names of who is doing the bullying and who responded to it (Example LOL, I Agree, I feel the same way, Just wait until tomorrow).

4. GET INVOLVED - Be active in your child's school life. Research shows that when parents are involved in their children's education, the children are more likely to: earn better grades. score higher on tests. pass their classes. attend school regularly. have better social skills. show improved behavior. be more positive in their attitude toward school. complete homework assignments. graduate and continue their education. Go to PTA meetings. If you suspect that your child is being bullied, notify the school of the situation so they can monitor the child and have the teachers looking for problems. New laws were passed in 2011 to help schools deal with bullying, in and out of school.

5. GAIN KNOWLEDGE - Knowledge is power. Know your rights. Review the criminal codes about bullying.

6. CONTACT LAW ENFORCEMENT - Contact Law Enforcement and report.  WV has strict laws against bullying and it will not be tolerated what so ever.