The Team

Founder - Mike Daugherty


Since 2011, Officer Mike has worked with Liberty High School in Clarksburg, WV as a Prevention Resource Officer (P.R.O.). 

As a P.R.O. Officer, Mike is in charge of school safety, teaching nontraditional classes, and handling any criminal actions that may arise. On a weekly basis, Officer Mike has students come to him for bullying complaints. “Sometimes it’s hard to believe how cruel people can be” officer Mike stated. Officer Mike went on to say “It’s time to put an end to these actions, and it starts with Common Human Decency.” It use to be if you didn’t like someone you might get in a small fight and then it’s over, or you might even become friends. No longer is that the case. Now living in social media age, people hide behind the computers and do far more damage. We Take A Stand was created to combat such actions and change lives for the better.

Co-Founder - Josh Skiviat


Officer Josh Skiviat is the father of four children and works with the Clarksburg Police Department. Since 2011, he has been a Prevention Resource Officer at Washington Irving Middle School in Clarksburg, WV.  "Making a difference in a child's life is what I was created for," stated Officer Skiviat.  With having his own children in schools as well as working within the school, Officer Skiviat has seen a major up swing in bullying in the past few years.  Officer Skiviat went on to say, " It is already out of control and I for one will take a stand and say 'no more.'" As a police officer Skiviat defends people; as a father, he loves with open arms; as a Prevention Resource Officer at WI school, he leads by taking a stand against bullying.

Co-Founder:  Jamie Hamarick


Officer Jamie Hamarick resides in Bridgeport, WV with her husband, John and their two sons Ryan and Dustin.  She has served as a Police Office for 17 years- 2 years with Nutter Fort PD and 15 years with the Bridgeport PD.  Officer Jamie has served in many capacities; Pastol officer, supervisor, DARE officer, Bikeofficer, SRT, Hostage negotiator and currently Prevention Resource Officer (PRO).

Being a PRO has been the most rewarding and challenging position I have held as a police officer.  Beginning with the DARE classes, I found that I loved
working with students in a positive, meaningful way.  When the PRO position became available, I knew it would be a perfect fit for me. I find it challenging in that I am responsible for teaching kids to make positive choices that will affect their whole lives.  I am constantly trying to find inventive ways to do that.  And it is so much more rewarding to prevent someone from getting into trouble than to get to them after trouble has set in.